50+ Birthday Wishes for Close Friend

Hussle Free shares a short compilation of birthday wishes for close friend where you can choose a variety of birthday wishes for your close friend in order to wish a happy birthday via social media platforms by writing on a birthday card.

Let’s check out the collection of happy birthday wishes for friends;

Birthday Wishes for Close Friend

birthday wishes for close friend

You have no idea how much you mean to me. I think of you often, and wish you a lovely birthday!

I love you my dearest childhood friend. Here’s wishing you a life filled with so much joy, love and happiness

We both used to live near together each other’s house. Our terrace attached like our hearts in each other found. I could never forget your care. You are my best beautiful friend. Wishing you a great birthday!

Today is just the beginning of a great adventure. Happiest birthday to you my wonderful pal. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday, my friend, I am very proud of everything you have achieved with effort and work. You are a great example to follow.

We may not really be siblings, but you’ve shown me that you loved me and I think you’ve made my life beautiful just by being my friend from childhood. Happy birthday, dear. I adore you and I wish you daily progress that moves faster than the speed of light.

Here comes your special day, your birthday. Let us rock this day and welcome one more lovely year into the list of our best moments together. Have a rocking birthday buddy.

Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend! You were meant to be in my life. Your friendship brings peace to my heart. I wish you a life filled with joy and love.

I didn’t know at the time that the day you were born would be the best day of my life! “Happy birthday to my best friend!”

You don’t know how important you are to my life. I always think of you for you’ve always been appearing in my mind. Wishing you the best birthday you could have.

I know it’s cliché, but I really think of you more like a sister than a friend- but the best part is we get to go home to our own houses so tomorrow we will still want to see each other. Happy birthday to my very best friend.

My dear friend, thank you for being born and thank you for being my friend. We all are so lucky to have you among us. Happy Birthday!

Children’s friend, dear, beloved, Congratulations, dear, You are so big, beautiful, As always, advanced! And today, remembering Our years, our days, I wish so much so that you could not carry it away! Be healthy and happy, And be rich too, And desired and loved, Just don’t forget your friend!

Happy birthday to a big kid at heart! I’ve known you since childhood and I can tell you from experience that you’re still just as fun and playful as you were back then! I hope you never grow up and start acting your age, my friend!

You’re the most fantastic person I’ve ever met. I hope your birthday is filled with happy moments and joy!

Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

birthday wishes for close friend

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I wish I could make it to your birthday party to celebrate with you! Have a wonderful day, and I look forward to catching up with you soon!

I wish you my friend best memories of our childhood. How we used to play it was all playful. I still have those memories in my heart. With that, I wish you a happy birthday oh friend fast!

Happy birthday to a very special friend of mine who has been there since day 1! My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without you!

I hope beautiful things happen to you today and forever. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a great friend who was a big part of my childhood

We used to do homework together. You mine and I yours. Those were awesome moments never blurred. Today I wish you your happy birthday with all mirth and love!

Happy birthday to my amazing lovely friend! It’s only been a few years but it feels like I’ve known you forever. Have a blessed day & enjoy the great day!

It’s beautiful to think how long we’ve known each other. Thank you for coming to my life, happy birthday!

Glad to share another year on your Birthday with you. I wanted to tell you that you are a very special person to me and that I hope we will be friends all my life. Happy Birthday.

Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift.

Twice in a year, we get to celebrate the special gift of one another. On your bday, I promise to make this a truly memorable one.

Happiest birthday to you my dearest pal. I only have the warmest greetings to you. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the amazing things you brought to my life. I love you!

Birthday Wishes for Close Friend Girl

birthday wishes for close friend

You are that special friend in my life, who has become my soul. It is very easy for you me to understand your absence and presence. Your presence gives me a lot of joy and your absence makes me silent. This is the difference you bring in my life with your absence and presence. Have a happy birthday brother.

Every single day, I feel proud of having you in my life. You are that friend that I want to keep forever. I wish you a happy birthday and a year full of happiness.

Happiness can come to your door and you will never feel discouraged, I am lucky that you have made me a part of your life. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful hearted friend. Happy Birthday to You!

I am hoping you with all the most beautiful blessings that God can give to you, today and onwards. With all my sincerity, I wish you a birthday filled with smiles.

There are those people in the world that you just know will always be there- when I think of you I just know it. Thanks for being my best buddy.

May all the happiness of today be with you forever. May this day give you a lot of smiles and moments to remember. Happy birthday!

Since I was little, you could see that you had a big heart, a kind friend and are always ready to help me, it is something that I will always thank you for.

I’ll miss celebrating your big day with you. Happy birthday! I miss you!

An awesome birthday to my most lovely friend. I want to tell you that I care and love you more than what you thought I could. I wish you a wonderful celebration!

To a friend of mine who it feels like I’ve known for all eternity, I’m wishing you a truly wonderful birthday today! You must feel pretty lucky to have had a great friend like me in your life for all these years since childhood!

I’m so glad to have had you in my life for so many years, and I know for sure that we’ll be lifelong friends. Happy Birthday Buddy.

I remember how your nosy used to come. You with your handkerchief all wet. Yet we bathed in water splashing it farther. Those were the good days of laughter. Wishing you bestest birthday to you!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

birthday wishes for close friend

Congrats on your birthday, my dearest childhood friend. May this day bring you laughter, joy and lots of love!

Today, I am surrounded with awesome childhood memories of fun times and beautiful memories spent with you. Let’s celebrate your special day by committing to one another that we’ll always support each other no matter what.

Having a childhood friend like you is truly one of the best things that happened in my life. Thank you for everything, enjoy your special day!

You might have turned another year older with this another birthday in your list. But did you realize that our friendship has turned stronger and deeper with another year. This is the relationship that we share together. Have a very happy birthday my friend.

Having you as my best female friend has completely changed my life. I wish that your life will be filled up with happiness. Happy birthday my dear best friend!

Happy birthday to you my best friend, I hope your life fulfills the happiness that all you want.

Thank you for making me happy on my saddest breakdown. Today, on your birthday, let me give you back the happiness back to you. Together we will create memories worth-treasuring. Happy birthday!

I have watched you grow into a great father, friend and coach- and it makes me proud to be your friend- or should we say partner in crime? Happy birthday to a super cool guy.

I hope this birthday of yours be the one to remember for the rest of your life. May you have fun like a baby and enjoy like a king. Happy birthday!

Today that you turn one more year,and you know that I cannot pass the day without going to visit you. Congratulations!

Thanks for always taking the time to put a smile on my face. Let’s celebrate your special day and make memories to treasure forever!

You’re my best friend and a huge blessing in my life. Wishing you all the best because you deserve it!

We hope you enjoy our collection of birthday wishes for close friend that will make your friend happier and make him know how special they are for you.

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