250+ Best Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

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Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother 

birthday wishes for elder brother

The only thing in this world that will always stay the same, when everything else has changed, is the bond that we share. Happy birthday to the best brother ever.

The best part of my life is growing up with such a loving big brother like you. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my beloved big brother! It seems that the older you grow, the love and care I have for you in my heart grows too. You truly mean the world to me, bro. Enjoy your special day today!

Happy birthday elder brother, you are growing old and so is your hair, but your jokes still hurt. Anyway, have a blast!

My Dear elder brother, I know it’s not easy to be an elder brother. How you carry yourself amid all responsibilities is worth learning. Happy birthday to the best elder brother in the world!

Happy Birthday To My Brother I Love. Hope your special day is filled with love and happiness, and that this year is your best year yet!

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A shoulder to lean on, an emotional touch, support to always raise. That’s why I love you so much, my brother! Happy Birthday!

May all the stars in your destiny shine. May you receive all the best life. We wish you a happy birthday big brother. You live what you want to live to.

You are the most vital part of the family. Without you, it was just impossible to complete our family, and you are the most important support for me and our parents. We love you infinitely. Happy birthday, dearest bro!

Whenever it felt like my life took a wrong turn, you were always there to show me the right way. Thank you for always being there. Happy birthday, brother!

Happy birthday to you, my little brother. I hope that your special day is filled with love and happiness and that this year is your best year yet! Remember – you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I am so proud of you and I love you so much!

Thank you for being the best brother anyone could ever ask for. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my dear elder brother When we were kids you guided me through childhood, and it is no different now as we are getting older. You still guide me through life, always looking out for my best interests. I am eternally grateful for having such an amazing elder brother, and I’ll always look up to you and respect you! Wishing you the very best birthday this year, bro!

Happy Birthday To My Brother. You’re thought of every day of the year, but none more than now that your special day is here.

Brother, you may be many miles away from me and we rarely see each other, but my love for you has in no way lessened. Happy birthday dear brother.

The gesture of you so kind towards us. You have never shouted at us while. Where we find such a lovely and caring brother, not in heavens and not in all paradise. Happy birthday big brother!

Today is the special day of your life. You are a year older. I hope you have not become too old to remember my naughty things and to keep the cake for me. Have an awesome birthday, my elder brother!

My dear brother, on your birthday, let me wish you a life, filled with true joy and happiness!

Happy Birthday Big Brother

birthday wishes for elder brother

You’ve been my mentor and supporter for my entire life. I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me, and I wish you the very best on this special day.

May God bless you with a good sense of music as you are growing old your choices of songs are typical now, anyway love you brother, happy birthday!

Hey big brother, thanks for having my back when I needed you most. I promise I will never let you down. Happy birthday, brother!

I am eternally grateful for having such an amazing elder brother, and I’ll always look up to you and respect you!

A very happy birthday to the cutest and favourite member of our family. Wishing you a rocking birthday, little brother!

Your embrace is celestial. When you hug us, we feel you. It is the protection of you that we wish for. Our brother, you live longer and we wish you a very happy birthday

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Dear, elder bro! Your optimistic sentiment and cheerful words always motivate me. Thanks for being such an amazing brother, and there is no other. Happy birthday!

You made my life easy by always keeping faith in me when everyone else would turn their back on me. You are the ideal kind of brother for a girl. Happy birthday!

To my sweet brother, you were my first friend and now you are my best friend. I think of you every day, but especially today. Happy birthday! I love you!

Thank you for being the strong pillar of our family, dear brother! Happy Birthday!

Someday I hope to follow in your footsteps, my remarkable elder brother because you’re an incredible guy! Happy birthday to you and wishing you all the best, bro!

Happy Birthday To You. It’s time to celebrate, brother! Sending love and birthday wishes your way to help you start your big day!

You were my hero right from the start, and the truth is that I have always wanted to be like you. Wishing you a happy and joyous birthday.

Wish you a good beard, good hair, a good physique and good life ahead. Happy birthday to your elder brother, loads of love!

Birthday Quotes for Big Brother

birthday wishes for elder brother

Big brother, I am what I am today is because of your guidance and total support. Without you, it would be impossible for me to make it big in life. Happy birthday to my amazing brother!

Happy Birthday to my big brother who defines magnanimity and generosity.

An amazing brother like you deserves all the praise, gifts and love in the world. This is why, on this special day of yours, I plan on giving you all three, in quantities larger than you could have ever imagined! Happy Birthday!

Since childhood you take care of us, never leaving us alone always together with you. We forever want you in our life. Happy birthday big brother, you are my dear life!

You have always been a pillar of support all my life. I really respect you, dear brother. Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday!

You are the kind of brother who’s always ready to go the extra mile just to make sure his sister gets the best of everything. Happy birthday for being such a great brother!

Happy birthday to you, my sweet brother. Watching you grow up over the years has been one of my life’s great joys. I’m so privileged to be a part of your life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend to share my years with. I love you!

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You have always been a role model and source of inspiration to me! Happy Birthday to my amazing elder brother!

Just like the love and respect I have for you which is so clear to see, older and wiser than me, you will always be. I’m wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with joy this year, my dear brother.

Happy Birthday. Hey brother, it’s your special day which means it’s time to have some major fun! Wishing you the best birthday ever.

Brother, don’t think too much about the past or where you are because I believe you are destined to be great. On your birthday, I hope you reflect and understand that you are at a turning point in your life. Happy Birthday.

For your birthday, I wish that every mirror in the world would vanish so you wouldn’t know that you are getting older (except, of course, your ever-increasing wisdom gives it away). Happy birthday!

When you still count your years wrong and may yourself a little younger but that’s not going to happen because I am here, happy birthday and you are growing old!

When I am with you, big brother, I feel like we are still in our childhood state. You make me feel like life is still happening. Thank you for everything brother, and very happy birthday!

Birthday Quotes for Elder Brother

birthday wishes for elder brother

I know I have you by my side. Thank you for this incredible feeling of security! Love you Brother, Happy Birthday!

Another year has gone by, a little less hair on your head, but a whole lot of love in my heart for you. Have a happy birthday, and remember that men just get better with age. Happy Birthday!

You are our shield. The way you wield courage is like healing. May your shadow forever be with us. We wish you an awesome happy birthday big brother. Just don’t leave us!

Many thanks for supporting me in times of trouble and shielding me from mom and dad’s scolding. Have a blast on this day!

The warmest birthday greetings to my supporter, my hero, my big brother! Love you!

Happy birthday to you, my brother! I know that sometimes, we go too long without talking and catching up with each other. I just want you to know how often I think about you and how much I truly treasure the times we do talk. Sending you so much love on this day, and all year round.

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I wish nothing but joy for you on your birthday, dear big brother. I love you so much.

On your birthday, I want to thank you for always being there for me and for always supporting me with all of your strength, big brother. You always took care of me with such love and tenderness. There is no other love in this world that can be compared to the love of an elder brother. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday. Wishing you an extra spectacular birthday and letting you know that our relationship means a lot to me, and always will. Love you!

You are my mentor and supporter in every sphere of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day.

Because I am such a kind-hearted brother, I have remembered your birthday and forgotten your age.

Dear brother, Mom gave you the biggest present of your life many years ago. And that present was a wonderful brother like me. Happy Birthday!

I understand that it’s not easy being an elder brother, especially, when someone has a notorious brother like me. I must say, brother, you are doing a pretty good job. Happy birthday big brother!

You shared my past by chance, I hope to share your future by choice. Happy Birthday.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

birthday wishes for elder brother

At any point in time never say you are alone, I am the one who will always accompany you no matter it is blue or dark. Happy Birthday.

You have sacrificed a lot for us to fulfil our dream. You don’t see yours while always wake for us. We wish you a lovely happy birthday big brother, for you always believe in us!

Happy birthday to my superhero. Thank you for carrying me on your shoulder to lift me up and immensely support me all the way. Thank you, big brother. Happy birthday!

My elder brother, may every day of your life is filled with love, hope and success!

Happy birthday to you, my brother! Every birthday gets a little more special – maybe that’s because family becomes more important as we get older. Today, it is especially important to me that you know how much I love you, and how thankful I am to have you as a brother.

Having an elder brother like you is like having a guardian angel always looking after me and saving me from troubles! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you today, big bro! You always have and always will be my hero. I’m an incredibly lucky little sister to have an elder brother like you.

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Happy Birthday. To my brother, with or without a cape, you are still my hero! Thanks for always watching out for me over the years. Wishing you a super birthday!

A great brother deserves nothing but the best, today and always.

Dear brother, though you are no longer young, you are still immature! Happy birthday to someone who is always young at heart.

It’s a true blessing to have such a wonderful brother. I wish you the greatest day! Miss you so much!

Bro, welcome to adulthood. But I still do not see signs of stubble on your chin. Happy Birthday!

To the best brother in the world, thank you for a gazillion times for taking care of me and my needs as a father does. You are my superhero! Best bday wishes for brother!

You’ve never let me down, through thick and thin. You are always there for me when I’m sad. I thank you for all the things you do. You are the best brother it’s true. Happy birthday, bro.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

birthday wishes for elder brother

Birthdays fulfil your dreams and wish with blessings but I wish that each day you celebrate would be like your birthday. Happy birthday, brother!

For a sister like me, you are like my father, who takes care of me like a big brother. I comfortably sleep in your arms feeling your warm embrace. Happy birthday dear big brother!

I am so blessed to have the most wonderful brother on the planet. It was an unforgettable experience to grow up with you. Have the warmest happy birthday, lovely elder brother!

This day is special to me because my big brother is celebrating his birthday. I am so happy to have such a great Big Brother like you! Be happy!

Happy Birthday my wonderful brother! Thanks for looking after me all these years!

Happy Birthday, Bhai! May you be blessed immensely on your birthday and always!

You will always be the one I look up to, big brother, and not just because you’re older than me. You are so inspirational and the best role model there is. May you have a great birthday today that’s at least as beautiful as your sweetheart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To My Terrific Brother! I feel blessed to have you as my brother. We have been through so much together and our relationship is strong because of it. I love you very much!

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For me, you are “BROTHER”: B-Brilliant, R-Responsible, O-Optimistic, T-Talented, H-Handsome, E-Excellent, R-Real.

Age before beauty, brother. Age before beauty. Happy birthday!

My beloved brother, you are always there for me. Thank you for everything that you are doing for me! Love you!

Dear brother, you are not just my idol but also my greatest source of inspiration. Keep up the good work.

I still remember, as a kid when I used to get into trouble, you were always there to get me out of the mess. I owe you a big-time brother. Happy birthday to the most amazing brother in the world!

When you make your birthday wishes, don’t forget that dreams really do come true. With all my love, Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Big Brother from Sister

birthday wishes for elder brother

Brother, you are just like me. Smart, handsome and intelligent. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

I love you very much. In this simple sentence is all my love. I want you to achieve your dreams. We wish you a big hug big brother and happy birthday all for your life!

Hey, lovely, bro, thanks for teaching me the ropes of life and how to tie them. I am utterly sure that I can survive anything that comes my way I can handle because of you. Thanks for being my master. Happy birthday, brother!

Wishing you a fantastic day, my brother! It’s your day, may you enjoy it to the fullest!

Happiest Birthday to my amazing elder brother! You have always been my role model growing up.

Brother! No matter how old you get, you will always be the coolest big brother to me that everyone wants to have. Happy Birthday, bro!

Happy birthday to you, dear brother! You’ve been mentoring me since the day I was born, and I don’t know what I would’ve done without always having you around, big bro. You’re the best elder sibling I could have wished for.

Happy Birthday. Hey Brother, It’s your big day today, hope you are ready to do some major celebrating! Have a fantastic time no matter what you end up doing!

May God bless every day of your life with a ray of sun, a touch of hope, a glint of joy & a drop of love.

Though even the universe will one day cease to exist, my love for you shall last forever. Happy birthday, dear brother

The warmest birthday greetings to my supportive friend, my beloved big brother! Miss you so much!

It isn’t easy being an elder brother. It is a tough task handling a naughty little brother; but you are doing a great job.

You are one fine example of how relentless hard work and unwavering determination can change an individual’s life. You are an ever-lasting source of inspiration for me. Very happy birthday to my brother!

I am following your footsteps from my childhood and you never put me the wrong track. I am so lucky to have a brother like you. May you enjoy every moment of your special day. Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for Big Brother in Hindi

birthday wishes for elder brother

जब मैं आपके साथ होता हूं, तो मुझे लगता है कि मैं एक बार फिर अपने बचपन में लौट आया हूं। आप मुझे ऐसा महसूस कराते हैं कि मैं पिछड़ा हुआ हूँ। जन्मदिन मुबारक हो भाई!

ख़ुदा ने भाई के रूप में मुझे सबसे ख़ूबसूरत उपहार दिया है सलामत रखे खुदा मेरे प्यारे भाई को जिस ने मुझे हमेशा बेशुमार प्यार दिया है मेरे प्यारे बड़े भाई को जन्मदिन मुबारक!

इस ब्रदर बर्थडे विशेस को अपने भाई के बर्थडे के लिए डेडिकेट कर के उनके बर्थडे को स्पेशल बना सकते हैं। अपने भाई को आप ये एहसास दिला सकते हैं की वो बहुत ख़ास है।

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हो पूरी दिल की हर ख्वाहिश तुम्हारी, और मिले खुशियों का जहाँ तुम्हे सारा, अगर आज तुम मांगो आसमान का एक तारा, तो भगवान दे दे आसमां तुम्हें सारा!

ये शुभ दिन आये आपके जिवन में हज़ार बार, हम आपको जन्मदिन मुबारक कहते रहें हर बार…Happiest Birthday to You Bhai.

आपका आज का ये जन्मदिन आपके लिए वो सारी खुशियां लेकर आए जिसे आप अब तक खोजते रहे. आपको जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं, भाई। इस दिन का पूरा आनंद लें।

आपके विशेष दिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ, भाई! हमारे द्वारा साझा किए गए क्षण मेरे लिए बहुत कीमती हैं। मुझे उम्मीद है कि हम भविष्य में भी उनमें से बहुत से होंगे!

जन्मदिन पर आपके ये है दुआ भाई आपके जीवन में दौलत बेशुमार आए बड़े भाई को जन्मदिन की हार्दिक बधाई!

अपने भाई के जनदिन को ख़ास बनाकर उसे ख़ुशी दीजिये और ये बताइये की उसका भी कोई है जो उसे इज़्ज़त देता है और उससे इतना प्यार करता है जितना कोई नहीं करता है। और उसे अपनी ज़िन्दगी भाई का दर्ज़ा देते हैं।

मिले जिंदगी की सारी खुशियाँ तुझे, बस तुम बर्थडे पार्टी देना कभी मत भूलना…


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