100+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Explore our collection of birthday wishes for ex boyfriend that includes a variety of wishes like funny, emotional, heart touching and short birthday quotes for boyfriend.

We have also included HD quality images of birthday wishes for ex boyfriend that you can share with your boyfriend on his birthday to refresh those old times and memory.

Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

birthday wishes for ex boyfriend

We are not together in once a beautiful relationship but I have always thought about your well-being and success. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend!

The fact that we are no more together will never take away the fact that you will always be special to my heart. Happy birthday.

You are still the one I would call if I ever needed anything, Happy Birthday my ex-boyfriend, I will always be here for you.

One of the best things that ever came into my life is you and that is saying something, dear.

As we drifted apart, my worst fears came true. But deep down inside my heart, I still wish the best for you. Happy birthday.

Although our love story is over, the love and respect I feel for you are enough reasons to greet you for your birthday and wish you the best of luck. Happy Birthday!.

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Happy Birthday. How strange it feels to greet you for your day and not do it more as your crush but as your friend. I imagine that today you will celebrate with your family and your new girlfriend. I wish you the best even if it is no longer within your plans I will always be glad to know that you are well. Have a nice day

It is true that we broke up years ago but it is even more true that I still love you as before. And I will love my ex-boyfriend all my life. I really miss you, dear. Happy birthday to my ex-love.

Happy birthday to someone I still really respect my dear ex-boyfriend! We’re no longer an item, but I’m just as thrilled to have you as a good friend! We will always have a special connection, that I am sure of!

We’ve spent the best times together and today I want to let you know that you are still special. Happy Birthday *Name*

We gave up on our relationship, but let’s not give up on our friendship. Happy birthday.

Ever since we broke up, I still remember the happy moments we shared together – they can never be forgotten. Happy birthday to you, my dear!

It’s always hard to say goodbye. But it doesn’t mean I want to end our relationship. In fact, I hope I’ll still be here when you get back. Happy birthday, baby.

I still keep in my mind the beautiful times we had together and I also remember that time we ended our relationship. We are currently very good friends and I have so much fun with you. Congratulations on this day.

It’s a tragedy that two people who are madly in love with each other are separated and living in two different corners of the world. Anyways, it’s your birthday and I wish you massive success and immeasurable happiness.

Wishing the most loving guy I’ve ever known a blissful birthday celebration. I can’t deny the fact that my heart misses you badly. How I wish we never went our separate ways.

I don’t regret anything we did, but the only thing I do regret is that I couldn’t make you stay longer. Have a hearty birthday dear.

We gave up on our relationship, but let’s not give up on our friendship. Happy birthday

Best Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

birthday wishes for ex boyfriend

In the past, we shared many things but what unites us today is a good friendship, so I can’t stop congratulating you on your birthday and wish you the best of success in your personal life. Congratulations!.

I would have liked to greet you personally for your birthday but it seems to me that it would be inconvenient to do so because our breakdown is recent and I don’t want it to lend itself to bad interpretations. I wish you with all my heart to spend a beautiful day surrounded by the love of all the people who love you and always want to see you happy.

I never forget those who deceive me. Because of this, I have not forgotten you yet. Happy birthday to my ex-boyfriend. May God bless you. I will never forget you. Be happy all the time.

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Not having you in my life is unthinkable and not even something I would contemplate. You may be my ex-boyfriend but you are, and always have been, such a good friend that I will always need you around! Wishing you an amazing birthday today!

We are not together but you will always be special to me. Happy Birthday dear

Though we are not lovers anymore, I still have you in my heart because you used to be the king of my castle. I will forever cherish those precious moments you and I shared together. Happy birthday!

Let your choice be our wish, May your smile be a relief to the heart, May God make you so happy with happiness, Let it become our habit to see you happy. happy birthday Jaan

You broke my heart, but I know that it will heal in time. What I always wish is you find peace and happiness in your life. You are my life, my soul mate, and my one true love. Happy Birthday, Ex.

Time passes, but do not forget the days I spent with you, our paths were separated but I will never forget what I felt for you. I wish you much happiness.

You were, are, and will always be the most special person in my life. On your birthday, I pray for your lifelong health, unimaginable success, and peace. Happy birthday to the loveliest ex-boyfriend!

I hope we can put all the bitterness away and remember the reasons we loved each other. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend, we had so much together and I know it was time to let go. This is to wish you the very best as you turn a new age.

If you’d forgotten me by now, then I guess you never loved me at all, still, I hope you have fun.

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I hope the icing on your birthday cake turns out to be as bitter as the memories you gave me. Happy birthday to the worst ex-boyfriend ever.

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