Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother

In this post, we have shared a list of heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother that contains a variety of other heart touching birthday wishes. We have also included HD images containing beautiful happy birthday messages for the daughter.

Let’s explore heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother and father;

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother

heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother


I hope you’ll love the life you have, I hope you’re proud of all you’ve done, Happy birthday my sweet daughter, I love the person you have become.

Daughter, there is no obstacle you cannot overcome in life. You are driven and determined, and there is absolutely nothing you cannot do once you set your mind to it. Words cannot express how unbelievably proud I am of you.

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You have exhibited great traits of uniqueness and self-dependence. Even at your age, I can trust you to make good decisions. Happy birthday, my love.

I feel worse than you when I ever scold you. Happy birthday to my sweet and lovely daughter. I love you a lot.

Every time I explain excellence, you come to the brain and with each new age, the outline gets even better. Happy birthday, daughter.

My heart beats just for you, my thoughts move around you all round the clock. You are the treasure of my life. Let God give you a healthy and happy life, happy birthday my dear daughter!

To my daughter, who has become the finest young lady ever- happy birthday, sweetie, I love you so much!

I am nothing short of delighted to have such a funny, sweet, and caring daughter. You enrich my life in too many ways to count, and I hope your birthday is just as special as you are.

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Investing in you is not something to think twice about because it always pays off positively. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

I always want to see you happy. So please keep smiling all the time. Happy birthday to my little queen.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

My beautiful sunshine, My little princess, Thank you for being mine, And may your birthday be blessed.

We are always thankful to God for sending you from heaven above. Happy Birthday my little munchkin, you have changed our lives in all the beautiful ways.

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No words can express how much I love you and am proud of you. Happy birthday to you, my darling baby! Thank you to make this world a wonderful place to live!

When I first held you in my arms, I knew at that moment that I would love you forever. You are such a beloved part of our family, and I hope your birthday is filled with happiness and love.

There may be little girls of your age everywhere, but none appeals to me as dearly as you do — and this is not because you’re my daughter. Happy birthday, girl.

I might not have a lot of money, but that doesn’t stop me from waking up every blessed morning and feeling like the wealthiest person in the world. And it’s all because of you, my sweet daughter. You are my most precious blessing…and will forever be. Happy birthday

You are the lovely queen of this family. I wish you a really very happy birthday. Enjoy your day a lot.

A lovely princess, you deserve a grand birthday. Just required to tell you to remember that I admire you and more everyday princess! Happy birthday.

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Hey, my dear daughter, here your mom and dad are always praying for you and your success. You can come and rest on us whenever you feel hard by a fight with life. Be strong and keep moving and achieve all that you wish for, Happy birthday my dear, have a lovely life ahead!

My dear daughter, this is the day you arrived into my life and made it the most memorable day in my life. The moment I saw you all my pain vanished. I will not wish for anything else. Happy birthday, honey.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother in Hindi

heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

तुम्हारे लिए मैंने जो बलिदान दिया, वह तभी फलदायी होगा, जब मैं तुम्हें अपने सपनों को पूरा करते हुए देखूंगी। मुझे पता है कि तुम कभी हार नहीं मानोगी क्योंकि तुम मेरी बेटी हो। Happy Birthday.

जनम दिवस की शुभ कामनाएतू खुश रहे खुदा करे मेरा दिल यही दुआ करे; तेरे होंठ मुस्कुराएं सदा तेरी आँख सदा हँसा करे; आँगन तेरा सदा खुशियों से भरा रहे; बहार सदा तेरी ही गली रहे, बस यही दुआ मेरी तेरे लिए रहे। जन्मदिन मुबारक

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तुम हो मां-पापा का दुलार, तुम हो हमारा घर संसार, बेटी सदा तुम रहना खुश, कामयाबी मिले हर एक कदम। हैप्पी बर्थडे बेटी!

मेरे प्रिय पुत्री, हंमेशा जिवन में खुश रहो, तुम हृष्ठपृष्ठ तंदुरस्त एवं हँसते रहो, मेरा आशिर्वाद है बेटी… जन्मदिन की शुभकामना

बेटियां देने के लिए, ईश्वर खास लोगों को चुनता है, मुझे गर्व होता है कि उसने मुझे चुना, मैं तुम्हें कितना प्यार करता हूं मेरी बेटी, ये शायद ईश्वर ही जानता है, तुम्हें खुश, बहुत खुश देखना चाहता हूं, मेरी बेटी खुश रहे यही कामना करता हूं। जन्मदिन मुबारक बेटी!

मेरी प्रार्थना हमेशा तुम्हारी रक्षा करेंगी। तुम्हारी उम्र लम्बी हो। Happy Birthday from your Mom.

आप के जनम दिवस पर आप आज, ख़ूब प्यार* पायें, आप के जनम दिवस पर आप आज, ख़ूब मस्ती* करे, आप के जनम दिवस पर आप आज, ख़ूब ख़ुश* रहे, बस आप यूँही हँसते रहे. जन्मदिन की शुभकामना

तुमने जो रखा हमारे जीवन में कदम, हमारा घर-आंगन महक गया एकदम, तुम हो हमारी प्यारी सी गुड़िया, मिले तुम्हें जग की सारी खुशियां। बेटी जन्मदिन मुबारक हो!

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आज मेरे अच्छी बेटी का जन्मदिन है, स्मार्ट एण्ड नोटी गर्ल मेरे पास शब्द नहीं है बेटा किंतु तुम मेरे जिवन का एक खास हिस्सा हो… भगवान तुम्हें सदा सलामत रखे My Daughter Happiest Birthday… Love you Beta

तुम्हारी चाहत अनमोल है बड़ी, तुमसे हमारी उम्मीद है जुड़ी, तुमको मिले संसार का सभी सुख, यही कामना हम करते हैं हर घड़ी, जन्मदिन मुबारक!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mother and Father

heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

A parent’s dream for his daughter is to provide her with enough love to make her strong, and enough wisdom to make her brave! Happy birthday, doll, you deserve it all!

You are a lot like a diamond: brilliant, amazing, and flawless. You differ in that you are worth far more than any stone. You are such a treasure, not only to me but to our whole family. Happy birthday to our precious gem of a daughter!

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Celebrating you today may be an event of fun, but deep within, it has a great and deep meaning to me, your dad. Happy birthday, Darling.

You rule in the heart of every member of this family along with this house. We love our queen so much. Wish you happy a wonderful birthday.

May your celebration be as gorgeous as your grin and as pretty as you. Happy birthday my daughter!

From day 1 of your birth, I thank God for giving such a treasure and now I pray for your success. You will reach miles and achieve more in your future. Keep moving and have a great life in the future!

On your birthday, let me give you a small piece of advice. The world is not always fair, and you will have your share of disappointments, but what matters is how you get back on your feet; also I will always be there for you at every step of life to guide you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

You have made us proud in every way. May your day bring you nothing but happiness and fond memories. You are such a joy to me, Daughter. I hope your day is wonderful.

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Blow out every single candle, Make your wishes all come true. Eat a slice and another slice of cake, Nothing will be too good for you.

Our darling Angel, you are our wish come true and we are blessed to have you. Happy Birthday my sweet girl, my beautiful daughter.

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

Your happiness in life is my mission for life. And I promise to ensure that I will do everything humanly possible to make you smile all the time. Happy birthday.

If I love any person in this world the most, that person is you. I want to see you always happy. Happy birthday to my cutie pie.

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Dear daughter, It is a spectacular time for me because it’s your birthday today. I want you to be satisfied always with yourself.

This is not the birthday for you alone; it is also the day that I was born as a mother and you gave me that. I pray to God every day for your happy and healthy life. Lead a happy and joyful life, my dear. Many more happy returns of the day dear!

I am thrilled to call you mine. Happy birthday to my perfect daughter.

You are beautiful, loving and compassionate. Happy birthday to the best daughter a mother can ask for!

You entered our life and made it bliss, our sweet little child, you are such a sweetest gift. All my love and best wishes to you my baby girl. Happiest birthday to you my wonderful daughter.

I am so grateful and honour that you are my daughter. Thank you for the love and support you have given me in all those years. Have a wonderful birthday, dear!

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Happy birthday to the baby girl who made me the proudest parent on Earth! May your journey through life be smooth and filled with exciting adventures! I love you!

I hope that one day you are blessed with a daughter of your own because nothing can compare to the love a daughter brings into your life. I also hope she brings angst so that you can feel grateful I managed not to kill you in your teenage years! Just kidding, but maybe not.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Whenever people say I am a good mother, I will be guilty of taking all the credit, because the credit must go to you for being such an obedient and understanding daughter. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Hope you get lots of gifts on your birthday, sweetheart. You being born was the greatest gift we ever received.

May your dreams never die, May your hopes all come true. May you forever stay ageless,

Happy Birthday to our adorable daughter. Today on this special day, we want to tell you how important you are to us and we are so lucky to have you.

It is safe to say that you, my daughter, have completely changed my life and taught me to love eternally! On this day we celebrate your cheerful spirit! Happy B-Day!

Even if the tables turn today, you’ll still be my sweet little girl and I’ll still love you all the same. Happy birthday, my girl.

I could never ask to be blessed with a better daughter. My princess, you’re all that fills my heart with happiness. On your birthday, I pray that you will always be happy and loved.

Happy birthday to our beloved daughter. You are honoured today, tomorrow, and forever.

Nothing can match the support and love that you give your child. As parents, you may have lots of love for them and now it is the time to show them. Wish your child the best quotes and bless them for their colourful future.

Finally the day you have been waiting for is here. Happy birthday! This is your day, indulge and savour every moment.

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

heart touching birthday wishes for daughter from mother

As a mother, having a kind daughter like you the biggest gift I could have received! Happy birthday, baby girl, I love you!

Happy Birthday to Papa’s princess and mumma’s world. Happy birthday dear daughter.

I have been given presents in my lifetime, but none as valuable and as precious as my lovely daughter! I enjoy watching you transform into a pure ray of sunshine! Happy birthday!

Wherever you go, my love follows you. You are imprinted in my heart. You are inscribed on my soul. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

No gift can spell out your worth. No event can broadcast your beauty. No sign or symbol can show your loveliness or how much you’re loved. Happy birthday, dear.

May your birthday be filled with laughter and extremely wonderful surprises. Happy birthday to my little princess. You are the reason for my happiness in life, and you’ll always be.

I love you more than myself. I care about you more than myself. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

Life is not always a bed of roses if also offers some darkness and in those times you need to travel towards the light. You have to be strong and should be able to face any hard situations that life gives you. We are there with you, just move on and keep moving across the hurdles. Wish you a happy birthday my dear!

I hope you know that it doesn’t matter how old you get; you will always be daddy’s little girl. You can still come to me, and I will love and support you no matter what. Happy birthday, sweetie!

The whole neighbourhood may not throw a festival in honour of you, but we, who you’ve touched positively, have you in our hearts. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

On your special day, my princess, I‘d like to wish you the entire happiness that can be in this world!

You give me hope in a lifetime of uncertainty. Your willpower and inner beauty know no limits. I love you forever, my girl! Happy birthday!

Every morning, I get up from sleep and thank the heavens for blessing me with an amazing second daughter like you. Sweetheart, celebrate this special day of your life’s journey with the knowledge that you are a treasure to me.

You came into this world just when I needed you the most! Happy birthday lovely girl, you make me the happiest mama ever!

Happy Birthday to our bundle of Joy. You have added colour to our lives our beloved daughter. May you always shine like a star and live life to the fullest. Happy Birthday! Dear daughter.

To have a wonderful daughter like you is an outstanding achievement in my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Happy birthday my princess. I celebrate your new birthday today and see forward to more wonderful years in your career.

Dear daughter today is the day that you made me feel what motherhood is, you made me happy that can never be expressed in words. I always pray for you and your success. Let God give you all that you need in your life. Have a great and healthy life ahead. Many more happy returns of the day my dear daughter!

A daughter like you is a gift from heaven that I appreciate every day upon waking, especially on days like this, when we celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday, Daughter darling! I love you.


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