Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

Relation between brother and sister is very lovable and caring. There may be a fight amongst them but at the same point in time, love vibes are always there. The life of a brother is alone without a sister and to make the bond more strong we have enclosed a collection of heart touching birthday wishes for sister to make her feel more special on her birthday.

Let’s dive in and choose birthday wishes for sister;

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

heart touching birthday wishes for sister

As you like to cuddle and tease me a lot, on your very special day, I am coming straight home to give you uncountable hugs, kisses, and adorable happy birthday wishes. May you glow and flow well in life!

Happiest birthday to the most annoying yet the most adorable sister of the world. Your love and sacrifices are the biggest strength for me. Happy birthday, sister!

My beautiful sister, you have a heart of gold and a soul so sweet that it’s only right you have the most magnificent birthday this year. Happy birthday to you.

The best sister in the world is turning 20 today. I am the luckiest brother because I have a sister like you, happy birthday to you, dear.

Happy Birthday to my lovely Sister. Hope you have a great and blessed day.

Friends may come and go, but sisters will be on each other’s side. Wish you a very happy birthday, sis.

Happy birthday to you! It’s the day to celebrate how amazing you are and to let you know that I’m so grateful to have you as my brother and buddy. I hope you have a great day!

A sister is God’s blessing, only second to a mum. This day is all yours to make merry!

Some say that wishes are for the stars, but I can wish you too because I know you’ve already become a star in my life. Happy Birthday, sister.

You always deserve the best things, and I am so thankful because I was blessed with a cool-minded sister like you with maximum happiness. Many-many happy returns of the day

You’re an epitome of beauty decked with so much knowledge and wisdom and this is one of the numerous reasons why I’m glad to have you as my sister. I pray that your new year is a new season of blessing, favour, and peace. You’re so much loved and appreciated. Happy birthday, dearie.

I have stopped caring about failures and discouragements as my sister is always standing by my side to boost morale. Your very presence motivates me to do well in life only for you. Happy birthday to my wonderful sister!

People will come and go. Friends will come and go. But the sister will always be there to take care of her brother. Happy birthday to my source of inspiration and role model!

It fills my heart with so much joy to be wishing a very happy birthday to a fabulous sister like you. May your special day bring you everything you wish for, sis.

It is so incredible to have a wonderful sister like you who is always supportive and caring. I am thankful to almighty for making me your brother, happy birthday to you, dear sister.

Happy Birthday, Sister!! Hope you have a great one!!

When mom and dad brought you into this world, I was a bit jealous. Who knew you would eventually become my best friend? Sending you lots of hugs and kisses on your special day.

I bless God for your life today being another birthday celebration for you. I pray that God shall make you a conqueror in every of life’s battles you come in contact with. Happy Birthday sweet little sister.

I hope you have a brilliant birthday brother, and that this next year is full of exciting opportunities! Keep reaching for those stars, I believe in you!

No one can heal my pains and make me happy with a hug like you do. Thank you for being there for me.

I am so happy to have a sister like you to rise with. Wishing you a fabulous day of joy and happiness!

May this day be as special as you filled with good memories and flowers. I wish you the best and amazing day of your life. Happy Birthday to my lovely and dearest sister!

There’s something special about this day, the day a priceless jewel was born, my sweet sister with a pure, beautiful heart and a smile that is as beautiful as the dawn of a new day. I love you always, dear. Happy birthday to you!

I love to spend all my meantime with you until you start asking for money and gifts. You are an absolute delight who can be an absolute pain at any time. Happy birthday to my super annoying sister!

Growing up with you was such a bliss sister. We had our fair share of banters, lovely moments, scoldings of parents, and so many things. Happy birthday to my one and only lovely sister!

Each time your birthday comes around it fills my heart with so much pride, love, and joy, for you are quite simply a sister unlike any other. Thank you for being such a wonderful, one-in-a-million kind of sister. Happy birthday.

The most gorgeous sister in the world is going to turn 21 today, happy birthday to you, dear.

Happy Birthday, Sister!!!! Hope you enjoy this beautiful day. See you soon.

You always push me to achieve greater things. You never doubted me, and what I am today is because of you. Thank you for being an inspiration. Happy birthday, sis.

You’re sweet and awesome, you’re the best sister I can never imagine losing, I so much love you, dear, so I wish you a birthday filled with love, joy, peace, strength, courage, and wisdom. Happy birthday, sweet one. I love you.

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister

heart touching birthday wishes for sister

Of truth, our parents birth to us as siblings, but we became real friends, little sisters. I can’t love you any less, sweety. Happy birthday to you. Age gracefully dear.

You truly are an inspiration and role model to me. Thanks for being an amazing brother and friend. I hope you have a brilliant birthday!

I am so proud that I have a sister like you.

Sister, it’s a very special day in your life, let’s cut the cake and multiply the happiness. I love you. Happy Birthday.

Sis, your simple words can bring a smile to my face, can keep me laughing all the time. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Birthdays are special days worth celebrating. Although it is being celebrated once a year, I will always celebrate you every day because you are my best friend and companion. To now and always in good health and wealth. Happy birthday, sister.

I will celebrate your birthday in the grandest possible way if you give me one promise right now. Don’t you dare touch my cellphone again? Happy birthday, sister. May you become the mother of at least 10 kids!

You are one heck of a bossy but protective and caring sister. You are a woman with a crystal clear vision and inspirational goals. Happy birthday, sister!

This year your birthday wishes are full of emotion, to thank you for all of your love and devotion. I feel truly blessed to have a wonderful sister like you.

My sweet and cute little sister is about to celebrate her 5th birthday. You are the most innocent and good looking girl in the world. We are so blessed to have you in the family, happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

Happy birthday to my sister and best friend! Family times are the best!!

I am so happy and joyful about your birthday because I know you will always be older than me. Happy birthday to your younger sister!

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There’s never a dull moment with you in the house, thanks for all the fun and laughter you bring into our lives! May your birthday be full of joy, and may the year ahead be your best one yet! Happy birthday!

My sister, you bring sunshine to my life.

I’m so glad to have a great sister like you, though I’m not counting – you keep getting better always. Happy Birthday.

You are the only person in this entire world who have the power to turn my tears into a big smile. I just want to say love you sister. Wishing you a magnificent birthday!

It’s your new year sweet sister, I admire the woman you’re growing into, your strength and fearlessness are so divine and contagious. Thank you for always bringing out the best in me. It’s my heart desire that you never experience a better yesterday, you’ll continue to wax stronger in strength and wisdom. Happy birthday, dearie.

I believe this birthday will give you enough blessings to pass the examination that you are trying to crack for the last 3 years. You better share half of the gifts with me or I will tell mother about it. Happy birthday to my super pretty sister!

When I look back at our childhood memories, I feel so blessed for growing up with a loving, sensible, and compassionate sister like you. Many many happy returns of the day sister!

Happy birthday to the best sister in the whole entire world! I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I couldn’t be any prouder to call you my sister.

Growing up with the most wonderful sister in the world is the best feeling for me, happy birthday to you, dear.

Someone I love was born today. I’m grateful for my crazy, loving, Gorgeous wonderful (but also sometimes weird but still very loving ) baby side by side or miles apart SISTER will always be connected by the heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER LOVE YOU so much.

You have been my rock. Your strength and courage inspire me. I am so glad that I have a sister as awesome as you. Happy birthday, sis.

Happy birthday, little one! You might not be so little anymore, but you’ll always be my younger sis! I’ll always be here for whatever you need, always with open arms and a loving embrace. You mean the world to me, my beautiful younger sister!

Live your life to the full, every bit of it. Don’t let fear keep you from doing things you’ve been longing to do. I’m here to cheer you on! Happy birthday, and may all your dreams come true!

Dear sister, I wish you all the best on your big day, may your life be full of every amazing thing in life.

I hope that today will bring you unending happiness and will be in your memories for years to come.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister Sms

heart touching birthday wishes for sister

If I am given the opportunity to pick my sister, then I will always pick you as my sister because I love you more than anyone. Happy Birthday, dear sister!

Someone with the memories of my childhood is a year older, today. You’ve been all shades of sweetness to my life and I pray that the sweetness in your life will never go sour, may you continue to increase in all wisdom and understanding. I love you so much, babe! Happy birthday.

I have heard that sisters give the most gentle and comfy hugs. However, your hugs seem like some wrestler gonna give me a chokeslam. Sometimes, I think, are you a girl or a boy? Wishing happy birthday to my ultra strong sister. I wish no boy messes up with you.

Hey sister, thank you for supporting my dreams unflinchingly and having my back during a tumultuous time. It’s your special day so let’s party hard. Happy birthday to my one and only sister.

You aren’t simply a wonderful friend and sister-in-law to me, you’re my true sister at heart. I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday.

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I have spent the most beautiful time of childhood with you, I am so grateful to have a sister like you, happy birthday to you, dear.

God made us sisters, life made us BEST FRIENDS!!! Happy Birthday, Sister!!! Love you to the moon and back!!!

May your birthday be filled with all the sweet things, including cakes, chocolates, candies, and me! Happy birthday, sis!

Dear younger sis, despite our petty little fights and the war over that last piece of cookie, my love for you will never waver. You are still one of the most precious people in my life! Happy birthday!

You’re a little piece of my childhood that will always be with me. I’m so glad I have someone like you in my life. May we share and make many more memories together, starting with your birthday!

Sis, you are such a comfort to my life. Your words always encourage me, and your laughter heals my soul.

Hey, sister, our beloved parents have made us siblings and we made us two best friends. Happy Birthday, lovely Sis!

My baby girl and the younger version of me, happy birthday to you, sweetheart! It’s my heart desire that you’ll continue to grow more in grace and wisdom, you shall excel in all your endeavours and everything life brings your way will be of good. I hope you enjoy yourself, dear. Cheers to your new age.

Happiest birthday to the most graceful and elegant sister in the world. The amount of money you have to spend on buying the makeup times could also be used to buy a penthouse. Just a truth bomb for you!

If all the sisters of the world become like you, this world would become a hell for brothers. Jokes apart, happy birthday sister!

I am sending all the birthday wishes and blessings to the most wonderful and sweet girl in the world who is turning 10 today, happy birthday to you, dear sister.

Happy birthday, sister! Glad we had a fun night with you before I left! Have a good day.

You are one of the few people in the world who can turn my tears into a big wide smile. Lucky to have you as my sister. Happy birthday, love.

You bring us so much joy to me. I can’t imagine our family without you. As you celebrate another year of life, I pray for a hundred more for you. Happy birthday.

If only everyone had an amazing brother like you! The world would be a much better place. Happy birthday!

You are such a strong, amazing, and loving woman. I value your opinion now just as much as when we were kids.

Some people say that wishes for the stars, but I want to tell you that you’ve already have become a star in my life. Happy Birthday, sister.

Happy birthday to you, dear. May you never be a source of shame to our parents and family. You’re a special gift to us and we appreciate that. I love you!

May all of your heartiest desires come true, may the beauty and charm of your face never fade away, may your unconditional love and caring for me augment with each passing day. Happy birthday to my only nearest and dearest sister!

You are all in one sister. A caring friend, an inspiring mentor, a loving mother-like figure, and an annoying sister. You bring cheerful vibes into my life. Happy birthday, sister!

You deserve all the happiness in the world each and every day, my dear sister, but especially so today on your special day. I’m sending you wishes of love and joy and hoping that your birthday this year is as magical as can be

Dear sister, may all of your dreams and plans come true, it’s my wish for you on your birthday, happy birthday to you, dear.

Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

heart touching birthday wishes for sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER!!!! Stay blessed!! There’s always time for cake!!

I wish this birthday brings you much happiness and joy into your life. Happy birthday, sis.

It is a true blessing to have you as my sister, and I wouldn’t ever wish to have another sister in your place! You are the perfect companion since childhood for my life’s journey. Happy birthday beautiful sister.

You are one of the nicest and most genuine people I know. I’m glad that we’re not just brothers, but that we’re also best of friends! Happy birthday!

Thanks for always making me laugh, even if it’s at myself.

Sister, I’m really thankful to you for being an excellent friend of mine. I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday.

There are so many cute and sweet memories of our old days that can easily create large stories. I can remember all of them as I cherish them forever. Have a spectacular birthday, sister!

As sure as the dawn, I know you’ll be great, you’ll be blessed, you’ll be favoured, you’ll excel and you’ll prosper. This is your year of great breakthrough, dear. Happy happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy!

May the angels of heaven shower all the things you wished for in life. Happy birthday sister and I am quite lucky to have you in life.

You are a sister So dear and true My lifeline and friend Through and through. I will be forever grateful For having a wonderful Sister like you by my side who I can always count on. I’m wishing the happiest Of birthdays to you, sis.

You have always helped me to get lots of inspiration and motivation in my life when I felt low. You are always there to support me. I am blessed to have a wonderful sister like you, happy birthday to you, dear.

I wish you boundless success, happiness, and joy, sister. You deserve to be treated like a princess. I am so glad I have a sister as amazing as you.

Thank you for being there for me during the difficult moments and happy moments. You are the best sister I have ever had. Happy birthday, sister.

I’m so thankful to have a brother like you to share life’s ups and downs with. Thanks for always being there for me and making each day so much fun! I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Sis, I know you like to revel in the fact that you will always be younger than me, but really you should see it as I am so awesome that Mom and Dad decided to have a second child.

Hey, sis, on your special day, I want to make you smile always the way you have made me smile. Wishing you a super birthday!

May your life be adorned with so much happiness and everlasting joy. Success is yours forever as the sky is your starting point. Have a sweet Happy birthday.

Thanks a lot, sister for being the biggest cynic as well as the biggest support of my work. Without your thorough and fine judgment, I wouldn’t be able to make it this far. Happiest birthday to the most loving sister in the world!

I know you didn’t like to celebrate birthdays. But it’s your 18th birthday and you can’t say no. Buck up and throws us a goddamn good party. Happiest birthday my chubby sister!

Happy birthday, my dear sister. Every year that your birthday comes around it reminds me of all the wonderful memories I have of us, especially from our childhood since growing up with a girl as great as you made being a kid so sweet. May your birthday this year warm your heart the way you’ve warmed mine all these years.

Happy birthday to the sweetest and most charming younger sister on this planet. I am sending good wishes and blessings to you.

Happy Birthday, sister! They all float today!! Love you, don’t worry I’ll protect you!!! I’m making you a paper boat for your Birthday, LOL!!!

No doubt, you are the best sister in the world. You are so awesome that others can take lessons from you on being an incredible sister. Happy birthday, sis.

I hope this next year is smooth sailing. You deserve a break! Best of wishes to you as you celebrate your birthday, and here’s to a bright future.

Sisters are a lot like magicians: sometimes they are hard to believe but occasionally they blow your mind.

You know, all the wealth of the world is not enough to compensate for the love of a sister like you. So, I don’t want to miss this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday.

We hope you appreciate our compilation of heart touching birthday wishes for sister that will make your bond more strong with your lovely sister and make her happy birthday life remembering.

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