50+ Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

This time Hussle Free comes up with a great compilation of short birthday wishes for sister containing a bunch of beautiful words and lines that you can write on birthday cards or messages for your sister. These birthday wishes are written in a short and precise manner that can easily grab the reader attention and make her feel so happy for you.

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Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

short birthday wishes for sister


I hope you enjoy these sister birthday wishes, here are some more short birthday wishes for sister.

Life without you would have been unbearable. You are a loving and caring sister. Happy birthday, sister!

We can never say we are alone because we have each other. Happy Birthday.

You are as short as a tadpole but your mind runs faster than a supercomputer. Wishing happy birthday to my genius sister!

The greatest gift possible to present you on your birthday is to pass on my dreams, good health, luck, fortune, and happiness to you. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister!

Thank you for being so nice to me every time. Happy birthday, dearest sister.

Sister, you mean everything to me and even more. I feel that I’m one of the luckiest people in the world for having yours! Happy Birthday.

Sisters like you are diamonds. They sparkle, they are priceless, and they are truly a woman’s best friend. Happy birthday, sis!

Happy Birthday, sister. I am sending you best wishes and lots of love on your special day. You are my fortune and my life. I miss you a lot

Congratulations sister! wish you with all my heart that you have a Happy Birthday on this day, and that this message is able to get a smile on your face.

You Are The Reason For Whom My Childhood Days Were So Colorful And I Had So Much Fun. Thank You For All Those Wonderful Memories. Happy Birthday Sis

Because of you, my childhood days would forever remain memorable and special. To the most lovely sister in the whole world! I say happy birthday.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for me, and I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays today, my lovely sister.

You are my loving sister. Nothing can come between me and you. On this special day, I wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Sister. I love you a lot. Do not forget to have fun on your Birthday.

Sometimes, I feel like you are born only to fulfil the purpose of embarrassing me in front of all our known people. But I am still OK with it because you are my sis and I can’t do anything about it. Happy birthday, sister!

You have brought joy, happiness, strength, and hope to my life! You are a special sister to me! Happy Birthday dear Sister!

You are the perfect sister I could ever want – mischievous, funny and loving. Happy birthday dear!

Here are the most heartfelt wishes for an incredible sister who never fails to annoy and yet surprise me every time. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

short birthday wishes for sister

There’s no friend like a sister and no sister quite like you! Happy Birthday!

I have always loved you and will continue to do so. On your birthday I send you my best wishes, love, and greetings. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

I will never forget you: you are my sister, my guide, and my faithful companion who is always ready to seek adventure. love you sister!

Happy birthday, sister! I just wanted you to know that you have been the best, and you are still the best! And I am blessed to have you, a wonderful soul, as a sister.

To my dear sister, Thanks for filling the gaps in my life. Happy birthday, sister.

I appreciate every moment we share, whatever, wherever and with whomever.

Unquestionably, you are the perfect representation of evil on this god’s green earth. May you get married quickly and spare us from your diabolical quarrels. Happy birthday to my sweet sister!

When I was weak, you gave me strength; when I was sad, you made me smile, when I was hopeless, you encouraged me. I am fortunate to have a sister like you! Best wishes for your birthday!

We share a special bond of brother and sister and it’s the best thing that happened to us. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday sister but I feel it is I who is getting a special gift, and that is your love and affection. Happy birthday, dear sister.

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To my wonderful sister, may all your dreams come true on your special day. Happy Birthday!

I feel so lucky that my dear sister is my true friend. Happy birthday, you are the best!

I am very grateful for giving me a sister like you. You know how much I love you and I hope you have a wonderful time on your birthday, surrounded by your loved ones.

I Am So Grateful You’re My Sister, I Can’t Imagine Life Without You! Thanks For Being Amazing! Have A Great Birthday!

Happy birthday, sister like no other! Today is all about you, sister. What more could I have asked for? You have been more than a blessing to me. Sincerely, I love you.

A wonderful day of the year to have fun and thank God for the blessings.

Sister, I hope this new year in your life brings you much happiness. Have a beautiful birthday.

The reason you are the most mature member of the family despite being the youngest one is that you are the one with the biggest heart and the most empathy. Wishing a happy birthday to my sister with the biggest and the most beautiful heart.

Happy birthday with tons of cheers; May you have a great year! Happy Birthday, Lovely Sister!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

short birthday wishes for sister

Dear sister you are just like the beautiful colours in palette – vibrant, lovely and charming. Happy birthday!

Sisters are bound to quarrel and fight but, let there be a truce for this special day as it is your birthday. Love you sis and happy birthday.

It’s wonderful having a sister like you! I wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy Birthday!

You are the most amazing, beautiful and strongest person I’ve ever met. I’m really proud to find myself as my sister. Happy Birthday.

I feel very happy to have a like you, special and inimitable. I wish you the best on this day and on all those that are yet to come.

People Believe That The Heroes Are One In Many Thousands, But I Want To Say That A Sister Like You Is Always One In A Lifetime. Happy Birthday.

To a woman whom I respect so much, your kind is rare, your strength has no match, thanks for your godly counsel and love. Many happy returns of the day.

Thanks for being there for me and understanding, I cannot imagine my life without your magical touch. Happy birthday, sis.

Sister, thank you for being someone I can always talk.

Mothers can’t be around all the time to take care of their sons that’s why God created sisters, and I am one lucky guy to have one in my life. Wish you a very happy birthday my pretty sis!

May God gives you life’s all joy, I haven’t forgotten our common and first toy, our memories would forever stay, wishing you a great birthday!

May your day gets overwhelmed with loads of birthday wishes, gifts, flowers and cakes. Happy birthday, dear sis.

Sis; you are loving, strong, gorgeous, caring, and. You are the image of perfection and I envy you. I love you for the person you are. Happy birthday.

Wishing you, the greatest sister ever, a happy birthday!

Sister, it’s a very special day in your life, let’s cut the cake and multiply the happiness. I love you. Happy Birthday.

My childhood wouldn’t have been half as fun if I hadn’t had you by my side. Have a good time and remember to leave me a piece of cake.

Birthday wishes for big sister. I want to thank you, my sis, for being the most loving and caring sister in this entire world. No one understands me better than you. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday To My Dear Sister, May All Your Dreams Come True On Your Special Day!

I couldn’t have asked for anything more! To the most lovely sister on planet earth! Kisses on all sides…. Enjoy your day.

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