100+ Best Special Birthday Wishes for Husband

In this post, we have shared a list of hubby special birthday wishes for husband that you can share with your husband to wish him a happy birthday.

Let’s take a look at birthday wishes for husband;

Special Birthday Wishes for Husband

special birthday wishes for husband

You are my sunshine in the darkest of my days. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart in advance!

Dear husband, your birthday is still a few days away but I can barely contain my excitement! So an advanced Happy Birthday to you! You are the best ever!

t’s your birthday? Surely you’ve got to be kidding. I thought all those Facebook notifications reminding me of your birthday were just annoying reminders of the day you were born

Happy birthday, my sweet love. My love for you reaches the depths of the seas and the highest point in the skies. You truly are the world to me. All my love!

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For my husband, your love is like a grilled cheese sandwich. Hot, sticky and so tasty. Have a fabulous birthday, my love.

Loving you has become the sole objective of my life. And so you can say, I’ve got crazy about you. Dear husband, never hurt my feeling as I love you a lot. Wish you, happy birthday from the depth of my heart.

I kissed this birthday card a million times before I mailed it to you. I hope you feel my love no matter how far apart we are. Happy Birthday, My Love.

To a husband who never takes his shoes up the stairs, I put the same effort into your birthday, guess no one cares!

I never knew that a part of me was missing until I tasted your love. Now I can’t live without it and never want to live without you. I love you, darling! Happy Birthday, Love.

I am thankful to God because he heard my wish. I wanted the right direction to wisdom and he has sent you. You are my wisdom happy birthday!

You are the most special to me and so is your birthday! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day next week but for now, happy birthday in advance!

When I was a little girl I would always pretend to be a bride. It was such a wonderful dream…but the reality is infinitely better than anything I could’ve dreamed of…you’re incredible and I hope your birthday is wonderful. Happy birthday, my love.

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Never in a million years did I think I would be this happy to have the perfect man standing behind me, supporting me with my silly ways and making me laugh all the time. I enjoy every moment we share together. Love you and Happy birthday!

When you’re old, I’ll still love you. When you’re bold, I’ll celebrate you. When you’re cold, I’ll warm you. You’re the best part of my world. Happy Birthday.

Without you, a minute become minutes, an hour becomes hours, a day becomes days. With you months passes like a day. This is the magic of your love. Wish you a happy birthday.

Your frown, your smile, your jokes, your quirks, your talents, your vices, good and bad, I love everything about you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

You forgot our anniversary and you forgot my birthday. So, I forgot to make a cake, pick one up, ok?

On this special day, I want to remind you of all the lovely moments we shared in the journey of our life. Wishing You a very Happy Birthday.

Every day I fall in your love in every way. Every day you take my breath away. I love you so much, baby. Happy birthday in Advance.

Wishing you a happy birthday in advance, baby! Thank you for making me smile every day and I wish to do the same for you!

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You are so essential to me that I cannot imagine my world without you. Happy birthday to my amazing husband!

You are my lucky charm. All the best things happened to me when you entered my life. I love you to the moon and back. Wish you an advance Happy Birthday.

For my husband on your birthday, you are my rock and I know I don’t always see how you shine. I don’t want another moment to go by without you knowing just how much you’re loved.

Whenever you feel low, tired, lonely, unloved or any negative feeling prevails, just remember that is someone who loves you more than anyone and pray only for your happiness. Love you, happy birthday!

I am your leading lady, and you are my leading man. I am your Jane, and you are my Tarzan. I am your wife, and you are my perfect 10 husbands. Happy Birthday, Darling!

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May ur day be filled with laughter on this special day and may the finest things in life always come ur way. Happy birthday!

Your parents are lucky enough to have the best son in the world and I thank them too for giving birth to the smartest man in this world. Happy birthday My honey.

special birthday wishes for husband

A perfect marriage is not kind of a fairy-tale, it’s a reality to me. Thanks for making my dreams come true, darling. I wish you the perfect and happiest birthday in Advance.

It’s a blessing that I have got a husband like you. I wish God shower you with all his blessings. Wish you a very Happy Birthday in advance.

Your presence in my life has made it colourful and given it a new dimension. Without you, it wouldn’t have been the same. All these years we spent were amazing. Happy birthday to my lovely husband.

Just the way you can’t start a day without coffee. Like that my day does not start without you. Wishing you an advance Happy Birthday darling husband.

Words cannot express how very much you have meant to me over the years. I love and adore you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

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I might not be the perfect wife, partner, mother or daughter-in-law but I love you a lot. Happy Birthday!

When I am with you, I am at peace. With you, I feel beautiful and perfect. Your warmth lights up my universe. I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday!

Beloved husband, I tell you, even though you already have some silver hair, you are still the most handsome man in the world for me.

I have planned to celebrate your birthday in an amazing way. I’m sure that you’ll be surprised to see them. Wishing you a very happy birthday Hubby.

Dear Hubby, your birthday is still a few days away but I can hardly control my excitement. Sending you my heart-warming advance birthday wishes full of love, kisses, and hugs.

Just the way you can’t start a day without coffee. Like that my day does not start without you. Wishing you an advance Happy Birthday darling husband.

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Maybe our lives on the earth move faster than we can imagine. But to me, every moment looks the same pleasing me because I’ve got a dashing and loving husband like you. Happy birthday!

It’s a blessing that I have got a husband like you. I wish God shower you with all his blessings. Wish you a very Happy Birthday in advance.

Life is a myriad of experiences and if you are lucky you get to share them with the person of your dreams. I have been so blessed with you and I am so very glad to have you in my life. I love you!

Wish you a happy birthday! May all your dreams come true and you reach the pinnacle of your career. Don’t worry about family, I’m there for them. Happy Birthday!

It takes a man of gentleness, patience, strength, and compassion to set the fine example of fatherhood that you have. Happy Birthday to my handsome husband and the sweet father of my children.

special birthday wishes for husband

I wanna be looking in your eyes, I wanna be there for u, sharing everything you do, I wanna grow old with you. Happy Birthday my man!

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Your presence in my life has made it colourful and given it a new dimension. My friends feel jealous when they see our romantic and happy life. Wishing you a happy birthday.

You mean everything to me. I always breathe for you, live for you, and dream for you. You will always be my first priority till my last breath. Happy birthday hubby in Advance.

My dear hubby, your love is a potent potion that encourages and inspires. I know our future holds many brilliant adventures and smiles. Darling, you are so special to me, and you are my everything. Happy birthday to my husband and the wonderful father of my children!

It is another opportunity to celebrate our marriage and years of happiness on the day you are born.

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Another year older, and I pray another year wiser and happier! You my dearest are like a fine age to perfection!

Nothing seems good to me when you are unhappy. I feel lonely and unwanted when you stop talking to me. But I never think about leaving you. Happy birthday sweetheart, don’t worry, your wife is going to be always around you.

Happy Birthday. Each year that passes is another opportunity for me to let you know what an amazing husband and father you are!

Husband, I love you like I love my wine. Sweet smelling, older…and aged in oak barrels. Happy Birthday.

Being with you has always been one of my greatest joys. I hope your birthday is awesome, just like you. Have a fantastic birthday!


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